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The PAST initiative works to bring the community together to develop local solutions to the local problems associated with sex trafficking. It aims to promote a zero-tolerance policy towards exploitation. No one should be a victim of violence and abuse. We promote helpful ways of engaging with this issue and encourage compassion for those affected by exploitation. Compassion whether they have been personally exploited, or have their daily lives and safety disrupted by witnessing and living in an area where sex trafficking is evident.

PAST meetings are held bi-monthly and are attended by many key agencies who seek to see an end to sex trafficking. If you would like to have input into our community strategies, please get in touch with it’d be great to have your support.

She might not be OK, she might not be safe

Do you live locally? PAST runs a Drop-In session at the Lagoa Cafe on High Town Road, every Thursday from 10:00-11:30. This is a great opportunity for you to come along and share your concerns and find some support if you are feeling impacted by sex trafficking in your community.

Whether you’re distressed, sad, angry, frustrated by what you are perhaps seeing or hearing in your local area, we want to know about it. Together we can tackle sex trafficking. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their town.

“I’ve lived in Luton all my life; I know what happens on the streets but never knew an answer. Azalea has opened my eyes and inspired me. I really want to help.”

— Isaac – Luton Resident and member of PAST Professionals

“It felt really important to go to the evening, to learn about sex trafficking and what it means for the women involved as well as the men ‘buying’. It’s such an important issue to be aware of, especially when it affects your wider, local community so much. We must discuss these issues and help to bring them to the foreground of our society so we can tackle it easily.”

— Community Hub attendee

You might be shocked to learn that sex trafficking is taking place in your neighbourhood. Your neighbourhood matters. Here’s what you can do:

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