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Ellie’s’ story

“Without Encompass I wouldn’t be where I am now, I have a chance at a different future. I can hold my head high, I have more confidence in my choices. Encompass made me feel like I was worth something.” ‘Ellie’ – a guest of Encompass

Our Encompass project offers support to women caught up in sex trafficking. We take a holistic approach to the care we give to each and every woman who wants our support, regardless of their stage of life and wherever they are along their faith journey.

The strands to Encompass are Engage, Build, Flourish and Tamar.

“Azalea has been a healing place…I feel love here. I feel I belong. I hate it out there. It is so violent and filled with fear and hatred.”

Olivia, Encompass

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Bedfordshire has seen a significant increase in reported trafficking crimes in recent years, the majority of which, are sex trafficking according to the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Lead from Bedfordshire Police. With the lowest cost Eastern European flights operating in and out of Luton airport, UK Border Force there recognise that it is these which present the highest risk for sex trafficking. 

Increasingly, we are meeting women who have been internationally sex trafficked, whether through our street Outreach or through our partnership work with Bedfordshire Police and UK Border Force. 

Azalea’s Tamar Project is dedicated to supporting survivors of international sex trafficking, from the immediate aftermath of rescue through long-term recovery. Being part of local task forces, we collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies like Bedfordshire Police and Border Force to ensure a sensitive and effective response during modern day slavery warrants.

Key Aspects of the Tamar Project:

  • During Warrants: We provide a non-authoritative, comforting presence at sites suspected of trafficking activities. Our team ensures that the environment is warm and welcoming, helping to reduce the initial trauma for survivors.
  • Cultural and Language Support: We offer food, literature, and activities that are culturally and linguistically appropriate, helping survivors feel understood and respected.
  • Multilingual Volunteers: Our specialist volunteers provide reassurance and improved communication, crucial for building trust between survivors and services.

Long-Term Support:

The Tamar Project extends beyond immediate crisis intervention, offering long-term support and advocacy for survivors with complex needs. We work alongside the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) to provide sustained assistance and advocate for the rights and needs of those we serve.

Through these efforts, survivors experience less trauma in the aftermath of a warrant and are more likely to trust and engage with ongoing support services.


For some women, their journey through Encompass causes them to want to explore matters of faith, and we run Alpha twice a week giving time and space to those who choose to attend, to discuss life’s big questions. At each session the women enjoy a home cooked meal, listen to a talk and have good conversation.


At Azalea, collaboration is key. We work closely with both statutory and non-statutory organizations to combat sex trafficking effectively. Recognizing that no single entity holds all the answers, we strive to prevent duplicated efforts and emphasize collective action to make a significant impact in our communities.

Collaborative Efforts Include:

  • Broad Partnerships: We collaborate with Bedfordshire Police, UK Border Force, Luton Borough Council, healthcare services, and local community groups, among others.
  • Strategic Engagement: Our involvement extends to attending multi-agency conferences, professional meetings, and working groups. This ensures that our services are well-coordinated and that we leverage all available resources to support our guests.
  • Empowering Independence: We focus on empowering our guests towards independence, enhancing their social connections, and engaging positively with the community.

Through these partnerships, we aim to provide a comprehensive, unified approach to support our guests, reducing sex trafficking and helping survivors integrate into society with dignity and safety.

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