Partnerships Advocacy and Consulting

Partnerships Consulting and Advocacy


— 1 Corinthians 3:6 NLT

Partnerships Advocacy and Consulting

Azalea, in response to requests, acts as consultant for a number of projects who share in the vision to see an end to sex trafficking. Our hope is that Azalea will flourish in every place where there is a need for it, and that more men and women will be able to build new lives free from the shame, violence and exploitation that impacts them.

To further explore the stages of building up a ministry with those caught in sex trafficking, from initial outreach to establishing a charity, we strongly recommend you buying a copy of “Walk into Freedom”, a recently published practical manual written by Azalea’s CEO, Ruth Robb and theologian and writer Marion Carson.

Azalea recognises that there is a need for our unique support to be offered in multiple locations globally, however we never initiate the process to replicate ourselves elsewhere. Our model is based on local people being the local solution. Sex trafficking is a global, highly organised issue, but it has a very local impact. We believe in the importance of everyday people taking ownership of their neighbourhoods and cultivating a response. Therefore, when we are approached with requests to replicate our model, we build a Consulting relationship of mutual learning and sharing, that could potentially become a Partnership over time. Azalea is an expert organisation on sex trafficking yet we know we are not the expert on different locations and so we are intent on building a relationship in which both parties share their expertise and find the right approach for that unique project.

Azalea has supported operations in Burundi, China, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Venezuela, and other heightened secure countries.

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