Azalea relies on generous contributions from people like you to support survivors of sex trafficking. Your donations directly fund our essential operations—from maintaining our safe space at Upper George Street to supporting our dedicated staff and Frontline teams.

Why Every Donation Matters

Your support enables us to continue providing crucial services and expand our programs. A regular donation helps us plan and sustain our efforts, ensuring we can keep making a positive impact.

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“the ways in which Azalea have helped me are countless…I dread to think what would have become of me had I been left to my own devices.”

— Ellen: now living free from commercial sexual exploitation


Our bank account details are:

Account Name: Azalea

Account Number: 78832863

Sort Code: 30-98-97

We all hope to leave a mark on the world, to be remembered for our kindness, bravery, or commitment to a brighter future. For 15 years, Azalea has been a beacon of hope for those marginalized by society, including survivors of sex trafficking and communities striving to make a difference.

Today, women find sanctuary and build meaningful connections at Azalea, while men involved in purchasing sex find paths to change. Our community grows stronger, more understanding, and committed to caring for one another.

Consider making Azalea part of your legacy. A gift in your will could ensure that we continue to support and empower individuals and communities for years to come. Your contribution will reflect your values and passions, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of many.

Email the team at

Thank you for considering Azalea a movement worth investing in. Thank you for valuing the lives of those we are here to love and serve. We hope that as you are considering the legacy you will leave, that it will reflect who you are, your passions and all that is close to your heart.

If you are considering leaving a gift to Azalea in your will, we would love to know you. Please do get in touch with our team, at any time. However we respect that you may also wish to keep the process, and your decision private. 

You may already be well aware on how to proceed with writing your will. If not, here are some useful sites to help you find a solicitor near you.

If you would like to leave a legacy to Azalea, please complete the Donate form above using the relevant section.

vision that we will see an end to commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. The staff team pray at the beginning of each day, and each meeting, and as we encounter and care for the men and women, prayer is offered within the holistic approach of support that we provide. 

There are three ways you can join in with prayer:

  • Sign up to Prayer Net and receive our weekly update of prayer requests for all things Azalea.
  • Form a Prayer Community small group and commit to praying for Azalea regularly. 
  • Attend our Prayer Evenings and join in with the Azalea staff team, trustees and volunteers to pray for all that is on God’s heart for Azalea.

Email to learn more. 


“another woman here said that Azalea is a place where prayers are answered…this has certainly been my experience”

— an Encompass guest

If you would like to receive our weekly Prayer Net, please complete and submit the Connect form below. We’re looking forward to having you join with us in prayer.

    Maybe you want to offer your time to volunteer, either through our essential roles or through our frontline teams? Have a look here to find out where you could volunteer your time, and how to do so. 

    Give Time Video Preview



    Wondering if the women in Encompass could use the clothes you no longer want? Our clothing store is vital for women involved in commercial sexual exploitation, many of whom are homeless or have been rescued with minimal clothing. We offer these clothes as a sign of care and dignity during traumatic times.

    Please donate only seasonally appropriate, clean, and wearable women’s clothes in sizes 4-12 or teenage sizes 15-16. We accept a variety of women’s clothing like pajamas, dresses, t-shirts, jeans, and shoes, but please no men’s clothes, children’s clothes, underwear, scarves, or belts. If items are worn out, consider donating them to a textile bank instead.

    Drop off donations at 3A Upper George Street or call us at 01582 733200 for assistance.


    Received another pot of the same moisturizer you liked in 1987? Consider donating it, along with other new or barely used toiletries. Your donations provide care items for women to use in their accommodations or at our Encompass facilities. Please avoid donating alcohol-based products, aerosols, or anything sharp.


    Our volunteers prepare home-cooked meals and cakes, frozen for individual use or served fresh at every Drop-In and Outreach session. These meals and cakes, especially homemade birthday cakes for each guest, signify deep care and combat the harshness of life many face. To donate food or bake for our guests, please complete our Connect Form below.



    • Tinned fish/meat i.e. tuna, ham sausages
    • Tinned beans i.e. baked beans, spaghetti hoops
    • Tinned desserts i.e. rice pudding, custard
    • Tinned fruit
    • Instant flavoured rice rice/noodles i.e. microwaveable rice bags, pot noodles
    • Multipack chocolate bars
    • Multipack crisps
    • Small boxes of cereal
    • Porridge oats
    • Coffee
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Tea bags
    • Sugar
    Wishlist items - food


    • Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Shower gel
    • Moisturiser
    • Liquid dispenser soap
    • Makeup
    • Womens clothes: size 6-12
    • Laundry tablets
    • Toilet rolls
    • Toothbrushes & toothpaste
    • Hairbrush
    • Underwear (new)
    • Sanitary products
    • Bin bags
    Wishlist - Other items

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