Hope. After the night, comes day.

One day, ‘Haven’ told us that she didn’t want to keep in touch with us anymore. It might sound strange, but to Azalea, this is one of the greatest signs of hope there is. You see, ‘Haven’ isn’t saying that she doesn’t like Azalea, that she’s had enough of us, or anything like that. ‘Haven’ is saying that she can stand on her own feet now, she can choose to close this chapter of her life because she. is. free.

After years of being controlled, coerced and exploited by the same man, she has found her way out. It took many, many years. Not for lack of trying. She fought, and we fought. But her time was not her own, and repeatedly, she couldn’t get away from this man. Until she could.

After weeks of meeting with the Police in Azalea, ‘Haven’ gradually began to trust that they could help her. She continued to come, and a plan was put in place. Displaying so much courage, ‘Haven’ followed through with the plan. When the day came for her to go she turned to our team and told us that she wanted to go, never look back, and never come back. And so, she would also cease contact with us to fully invest herself in her new home, and new support system.

And so now, perhaps you can see why this is one of the greatest signs of hope we experience in Azalea? Finally, ‘Haven’ can choose her future.

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