Our five core values all flow from the central principle that every human life has value.
We believe that we are all God’s children.

We seek to be welcoming and approachable in all that we do, respecting the different journeys that each of us have taken in life. We invite others in, create homely spaces, and treat everyone as an individual. Our teams recognise and promote diversity. This approach reflects our belief that God welcomes everyone and has no favourites.

We are committed to delivering quality services, and the highest level of care that we can. In order to be our best, we take care of ourselves and support each other, taking responsibility for our actions and taking professional pride. All of this flows from our belief that everyone is precious to God, and all deserve to be heard and to be treated with respect and dignity.

We are courageous in what we say, what we do and what we hope for. Azalea encounters big issues on a daily basis, and so we speak out and take initiative – always with respect, challenging ideas and actions, not people. This involves risk, and a willingness to grow and improve by learning from our mistakes. We can aim high as an organisation because we believe in the transformative power of the Christian message.

Trust is important to all that we do, and we all take responsibility for Azalea’s reliability and credibility as an organisation. This requires personal integrity and consistency from the whole team – keeping our word, delivering on time, and taking ownership of our mistakes.

As the women and men are valued and come to see themselves as valued, they are empowered to change and take control of their lives. So Azalea’s work must empower, release people to be themselves, to participate and feel rewarded in their work. We encourage people to play an active role, we offer help and flexibility, and create an enabling work environment that brings the best our of everyone on the team.