Small  Events 

 Most of these events can be run at your home or in your garden, they don’t have to be huge and you don’t have to sell tickets.  If you invite friends for pancakes, tea, dinner, a movie night etc. just explain that you are supporting Azalea, ask them not to bring anything to the meal/evening and no gifts for you (so no wine, flowers, chocolates – sorry!) and say there will be a bowl for donations on the night.  As well as raising some money for Azalea you will be raising awareness of what we do and widening the circle of people who know about us. 


Other Tips 


Tickets If you are going to sell tickets then there are websites like Eventbrite that can help you but they do take a percentage of the ticket price. 


Timings Make sure you have enough time to prepare and to give people enough warning 6-12 weeks is ideal depending on the size of the event. Check your event won’t clash with any major holidays or local events.  


Budget Make sure you will actually make a profit, try and get as much as you can for free or very cheaply especially if it is a bigger event - Poundland and e-bay are brilliant.  


Support Do you have enough help to make the event a success? For larger events, get a team together with all the skills needed.   


Venue Where are you going to hold the event? If you need a venue, can you find one for free? Does it have the right amenities. If you’re going to have live music or alcohol, do you need a licence? 


Promotion How are you going to let people know it’s taking place, personal invitations often work best but use social media , e-mail, notices and newsletters for any organisations you belong to. 


Raise more money at any event by holding a raffle and/or selling refreshments  


Once the day of the event arrives:  Ask friends and family for help; don’t try to it all yourself * Make sure any money you collect is stored safely and you keep a record of how much there is *Create a timetable of the event so you know when things are happening and try to stick to this as much as possible  *Don’t forget to thank everyone afterwards. * Have fun