Jeremy's story

Jeremy* got in touch with Flint after hearing about our mentoring programme through his local church. This is his story.

He found himself able to share with his Flint mentor, that secret that he had kept entirely to himself for years. None of his friends knew, none of his colleagues knew, nobody in his family knew. He was constantly anxious about someone finding out, he was lonely, drinking too much and growing more and more distant from his wife.

The mentoring sessions with Flint were confidential and Jeremy* was pleasantly surprised to find that they were non-judgemental too. He began to answer questions about his hopes for the future; his desire to overcome the strong temptations he faced and to repair his relationship with his wife. Every fortnight, for a number of months, Jeremy* would meet online with his Flint mentor to talk about his progress, look at scripture and pray together.

Over time Jeremy* stopped visiting brothels and also began to gain greater self-control over his use of pornography. He is making efforts to be more affectionate with his wife, and more present and communicative with his children. What’s more, Jeremy’s* journey with God has grasped a new lease of life – his prayer life is renewed and he is energised to fulfil God’s plans for him. There is a long journey ahead, which may well include relapses, but Jeremy* has significantly reduced his purchase of sex and is walking in greater freedom.

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