Barbed wire

The casualties of any war are many, such is the devastation that results from armed conflict. And we are feeling it too, in Azalea, in our own way. News of funding being diverted towards the Ukranian crisis, although expected, leaves us in an increasingly fragile financial position, compounded by the price increases and financial climate within the UK. And sadly, we are seeing an increase in demand for the support we offer as the first response provider for statutory services in cases of sex trafficking in Herts, Beds and Bucks. London Luton Airport are seeing significant numbers of women coming through the airport, unknowingly being trafficked believing they are being taken to a safe place. There is no doubt that Azalea will continue to bring support and care to those impacted by sex trafficking, but there are times when we know that in doing so, it will take more resilience, courage and hope, than we had previously thought possible.

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