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Welcome to news about Azalea's next phase: Recovery. Discover our vision to help more women successfully exit sexual exploitation. 

We need to raise £3,000 a month to enable us to rent a larger building and run addiction Recovery Groups. Will you Sponsor a Brick and Build Recovery?

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Get the vision of Recovery in our video tour:

You can view a PDF of our Recovery brochure here - if you want a hard copy please send us an email at info at azalea.org.uk 

The Challenge

Azalea's work with sexually exploited women has developed dramatically, and we are now in contact with more than 140 women. Some have exited sexual exploitation completely, while many others want to change but struggle to see real and lasting transformation.

For more women to complete their journey to full recovery and make lasting changes to their lives, they need more in-depth help and support.

The Vision for Change

Azalea is planning to offer this support by starting a Recovery Programme with a strong Christian element. 

The Recovery Programme will run a number of Recovery Groups which will:

  • Use a 12-step style programme to tackle drug and alcohol addictions 
  • Help the women address addictions around sex and relationships
  • Work through the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through prayer and counselling

The Recovery Programme will:

  • Enable women to reduce their reliance on drugs and alcohol
  • Enable women to overcome addictions to sex and develop a healthy approach to relationships
  • Ultimately enable women to exit sexual exploitation
  • Equip women with workplace and life skills by providing mentoring and training.

Recovery Groups will be invitation-only, and require punctuality and commitment to the whole course. It will require participants to stop attending Azalea’s main Drop-in sessions in order to affirm the message that they are moving from crisis into recovery.

To run the Recovery Programme, Azalea needs more space - a lot more! 

Welcome to 3a Upper George Street, Luton  

Azalea has acquired the lease on 3a Upper George Street, Luton, a building which is ideal for our purposes. Previously, all of Azalea’s work place in one relatively small space which limited the number of women we can help and the extent to which we could help them.

Here is the new Drop-in at our Recovery Centre, on the ground and middle floors:

George Street new drop in

3a Upper George Street has several floors and many rooms which provides us with:

  • Separate Drop-In and Recovery Space. 
    The Drop-in and the Recovery Programme need their own dedicated spaces. The Drop-in centre is set up to feel very homely and welcoming, which is particularly important for women who are homeless, in crisis, etc. The Recovery Groups need a separate space which provides a more formal environment to encourage responsibility and change. These sessions will take place on the top floor, which benefits from a separate entrance and staircase.

  • Rooms for one to one support, private interviews and conversations

  • A prayer room and a quiet space for the women to rest

  • A shower room and a utility room including laundry facilities

  • Better office space including private meeting rooms.

  • Storage: Azalea receives regular donations of food, clothes, furniture, toiletries and cakes from the local community and has previously struggled to store all this.

In addition, Upper George Street is in the centre of town, making it very easy for the women to access, whilst moving us away from residential areas which can sometimes cause difficulties with the local community.

Renting this new Recovery Centre means we need more regular donations to help us meet the cost of £3,000 per month. Can you help us to see this vision through?