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Welcome to Azalea's next phase: Recovery

Azalea is starting a Recovery Programme to help more women successfully exit sexual exploitation. Will you support us to do this?

Recovery poster

Many women want their lives to change, but struggle to see lasting transformation. Azalea is starting a Recovery Programme which aims to:

  • Enable women to reduce their reliance on drugs and alcohol
  • Enable women to recognise abuse and develop a healthy approach to relationships
  • Ultimately enable women to exit sexual exploitation
  • Equip women with workplace and life skills by providing mentoring and training.

In order to run the Recovery Programme, Azalea has moved into a new Recovery Centre at the heart of Luton. Renting this Centre means we need more regular donations to help us meet the cost of £3,000 per month. Can you help us? To donate, click here 

What is the vision?
The Recovery Programme is founded on a hope that the challenges and conditions caused by addictive behaviours can be overcome. We aim to support each woman to build on their strengths, talents, coping abilities, resources and inherent values to work through and maintain their recovery. The programme will address the whole person and their community, peers, friends and family members where possible.

What will the Recovery Programme cover?

It will be faith-based, using solution-based therapy, motivational interviewing techniques, the 12 step programme and SMART. It will work on:

  • Health - Abstaining from alcohol, drugs and non-prescribed medication. Managing and abstaining from self-harming, being able to make informed healthy choices.
  • Home - having a stable and safe place to live and the ability to maintain this.
  • Purpose - conducting meaningful daily activities and gaining the independence, income and resources to participate in society.
  • Community - having positive relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love and hope.

Recovery is supported through relationships and social networks. Azalea already has relationships with the women and we are able to work with them to access church community as well as supporting them to try out new social and creative activities.

How does this Recovery Programme compare with other rehabilition programmes?
We will address the exploitation and grooming that women have experienced, at a level that enables them to start dealing with trauma at an individual pace.

We will address what has been taken away emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will commit to walking alongside each woman on this difficult journey, and base everything on scriptural principles and prayer.

What style will it take? 

  • Create individual-led support plans
  • Be flexible and person-centred
  • Use One-to-one sessions to set goals
  • Run weekday group sessions to help build routine and structure

The process of recovery is highly personal, and characterized by a journey of continual growth and improvements in an individual’s health and wellness. At the same time there will be recognition throughout that this may involve setbacks and these are a natural part of life. Resilience-building will be a key part of this Recovery Programme.

Support our Recovery Centre

To run the Recovery Programme, Azalea needed to take on a larger space - so we moved into a new Recovery Centre!

Renting this new Recovery Centre means we need more regular donations to help us meet the cost of £3,000 per month. Can you help us to see this vision through? To donate, click here 

Here is the new Drop-in at our Recovery Centre, on the ground and middle floors:

George Street new drop in

Our Recovery Centre has several floors and many rooms which provides us with:

  • Separate Drop-In and Recovery Space. 
    The Drop-in and the Recovery Programme need their own dedicated spaces. The Drop-in centre is set up to feel very homely and welcoming, which is particularly important for women who are homeless, in crisis, etc. The Recovery Groups need a separate space which provides a more formal environment to encourage responsibility and change. These sessions will take place on the top floor, which benefits from a separate entrance and staircase.

  • Rooms for one to one support, private interviews and conversations

  • A prayer room and a quiet space for the women to rest

  • A shower room and two utility rooms including laundry facilities

  • Better office space including private meeting rooms.

  • Storage: Azalea receives regular donations of food, clothes, furniture, toiletries and cakes from the local community and has previously struggled to store all this.

In addition, the Recovery Centre is in the centre of town, making it very easy for the women to access, whilst moving us away from residential areas which can sometimes cause difficulties with the local community.

Get the vision of Recovery in our video tour:

You can view a PDF of our Recovery brochure here - if you want a hard copy please send us an email at info at azalea.org.uk