Ways To Donate

Azalea has an ideal end-of-term gift for female teachers.

flowers group

Buy a hand-made flower and we will display it on our Wall of Inspirational Women with your teacher's name.

It's a beautiful way to tell her "You're an inspiration to me".

We will also send you a lovely Gift Certificate to present to her:

Gift certificate final

You can help us to raise funds for Azalea and thank the women who have inspired you at the same time.

Each flower costs £20. The money you give will go directly to caring for the women visiting our Drop-in and Recovery Centre.

£20 funds two crisis packs given to women in extreme need, or pays for two months of everyday supplies for women in our support programme who are trying to get their lives on track.

As well as the Gift certificate, your teacher will be celebrated by her name and flower being displayed for all to see at our women's Drop-in.


Your Azalea Flower will be displayed for a year, at which point we hope you will opt to re-devote the flower - alternatively we will post it to your Inspirational Woman.

The flowers are being made to order and once up on the display wall, we will send you a photo of your individual flower.

To buy one or more Azalea Flowers at £20 each:

  • Download this form and fill in your details
  • Choose your payment method: cheque, online (via your bank), bring cash into the office. Details are on the form
  • Return the form to us: you can either scan it in and email it to info@azalea.org.uk or post it to Azalea, 3A Upper George Street, Luton, LU1 2QX 
  • If you have any questions, please call us on 01582 733200

Why Inspirational Women?

Azalea was created for women. Women on a journey, women who are lost and broken but so loved by God.

Azalea’s purpose is to draw alongside these women offering friendship, care and God’s love. Azalea's clients need other women who give, care and inspire to take them on a journey towards exit and recovery.

Ten years on, Azalea thrives and continues to grow, so we’d like to honour women more widely in the community, say THANK YOU to women in our lives who care, encourage and inspire us, on our journeys through life too.

The hope is that through the Flower Display Wall, we will raise vital funds to keep Azalea open and accessible, but also that everyone coming into Azalea will see the powerful strength of women expressed in a vibrant display.