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Big Lottery Fund enables Azalea to overhaul its IT

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A grant of £9,977 from the Big Lottery means Azalea can upgrade its IT system and office computers.

In the past couple of years, Azalea’s staff team has grown as the charity’s vision has expanded.

Azalea is now launching a Recovery Programme for sexually exploited women, a mentoring course for men caught up in sexual exploitation (FLINT), and continues as a core part of FACES, a network tackling child sexual exploitation.

This 360 degree vision means we’ve moved to a new, larger building and taken on a number of new staff. And THAT means our old IT system needs an overhaul!

Lorry Edwards, Azalea’s Operations Director, says: “We are immensely grateful to the Big Lottery Fund for enabling us to update our IT system, with a server, software and hardware, ensuring we each have a computer to work on. Since 2008, Azalea has reached more than 230 women caught in sexual exploitation, offering them practical care and spiritual support. All of our office work is focused on giving these women the best service possible to help them to walk free from sexual exploitation. Having a well-oiled IT system will enable the Azalea team to be more efficient, creative and professional.”