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Azalea has been granted £10,000 by the London Luton Airport Ltd Community Fund

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The generous grant has come via BLCF (Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation), which supports local community groups and charities in order to promote social change.

The money will enable Azalea to continue running our relatively new Recovery Programme alongside our established Drop-in and intervention work. 96 women are now being supported across Azalea's projects, enabling them to gain self-confidence, access practical help and ultimately leave sexual exploitation.

One woman who's coming to Azalea's Drop-in and Recovery sessions recently said:

"Azalea gave me love and made me feel safe. I always feel welcome and listened to, and the Azalea team don’t give up on you. They keep in contact. They restored my faith in humanity, that there are good people in the world who don’t want something from you, like most people do. If I was ever in trouble I could come down here and tell the team  – Azalea’s like my family. 

The support has grown with the Recovery side. Before Azalea was only in the evenings but now there are daytime sessions that help fill up my day. Recovery is teaching me life skills, relaxation techniques. It’s such a positive place to come – I always feel better being here." 

About BLCF

The Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation is a grant maker supporting local community groups and charities. It focuses on providing accessible grantmaking based on a deep understanding of community needs and an effective service for donors.

Its aim is to be a catalyst for social change for the community of Bedfordshire and Luton through collecting funds from local businesses, individuals, and national organisations and ensuring a cohesive and targeted approach to grantmaking. "We aim to build partnerships which effectively connect donors with community projects through efficient grantmaking and philanthropy in order to strengthen the communities in Luton and Bedfordshire”