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Research tells us over 70% of men visit porn sites at least once a month. For some, it can become a lifestyle that affects their relationships, sex life, and mental health. We also know that the number of men who buy sex / has a sex addiction has risen in Britain. Current research says 1 in 10 pay for sex. Many men find themselves trapped in patterns of sexual behaviour that do not satisfy, but that they struggle to leave behind. If you recognise this in yourself, then you are not alone. Help is available. Flint is a Luton based Christian charity that helps men who pay for sex to change habits. Developed by a dedicated team that includes a GP and trained counselors, our programme can help you to deal with shame, mend damaged relationships, and recover a healthy and fulfilling attitude to sex.


You are welcome and valued. Nobody will judge you for anything you may have done.


Our team will listen to you and walk beside you on your journey.


We operate with full confidentiality and complete discretion.