We know you'll have a lot of questions. Here are some we hear often. If your question isn't here, get in touch.

Is Flint for people like me?

Take our questionnaire to help you think through the issues.

How serious is my problem? Do I really need Flint? The answer is different for each one of us, and if you're wondering whether or not you should seek help, take our questionnaire. It will help you to think through your behaviour and how it affects your life and your relationships, and it might bring some clarity.

Is what I say confidential?

Yes, you can talk to us in full confidence.

We will not share anything you say outside Flint without your prior permission. As part of staff oversight we may need to discuss cases, but this is done without identifying names or contact details. All participants in group work sign a confidentiality agreement before taking part. There is one exception where we are unable to guarantee confidentiality : we have a legal duty to report child sexual abuse or exploitation.

What training do Flint mentors have?

We screen and train all our mentors.

Flint mentors are mostly volunteers. They come from a variety of backgrounds. Most of them aren't professional counsellors, but the senior team includes a psychologist, a Christian counsellor, a doctor, a social worker and a probation officer. All our mentors are screened and trained by Flint, and each of them has their own experience of finding a healthy sexuality.

Will any records be kept about me?

We use anonymous case numbers.

We know privacy matters to you, so we use anonymous case numbers on any written information. We have to keep brief notes of discussions for continuity, as mentors may have multiple cases to remember. These notes are kept in the Flint office in a locked cabinet.

Is your programme faith-based?

Flint's programme has been devised by Christians, but is accessible to all.

Flint is a project of Azalea (a Christian charity), but we work with people from all faiths and none. Our programmes are based in clinical psychology and evidence based research, while drawing on relevant Christian teachings. Sessions are not 'religious' in tone or content, and all perspectives are respected.

Can I volunteer with Flint?

Yes, please get in touch. We are always looking for volunteers to help us grow the programme.

There may be opportunities to get involved, both in the up-front work with the men, and behind the scenes in admin and a variety of other roles. There would be a formal selection process and DBS checking required. Please get in touch with us for details.

What's the story behind Flint?

Flint grew out of Azalea's work with sex workers.

For ten years, Azalea has been working with women who are part of the sex industry, caring for them and helping them to move on. But there are of course two sides to the industry - the workers and the clients. Flint was set up to support men who were struggling with their sexual habits, and walk with them on their journey to a more fulfilling sex life.