Make Her Mother's Day 31st March

Mother's Day, a day to celebrate that special maternal relationship. A day of flowers, chocolates, gifts and maybe a little bit of time to rest. And yet, for many it is a day that brings a heaviness and grief unlike any other. A grieving for the relationship that once was but is no longer, the relationship that isn't as it could be, is yet to be, or indeed never will be. It can be especially painful for the women we care for at Azalea, some of whom have suffered abuse at the hands of their own mother's, and many who are enduring the ongoing separation from their own children. 


Our hope is that in the midst of this difficult day, we will be able to give these women a gift that might help to ease their pain a little, one which helps them to know that they are loved and thought about, and that their value and purpose is undeniable. With a significant number of our women being homeless, the gift of a pot plant, or even a bunch of flowers isn't quite right, and so we are planning of giving each one a handstitched fabric Azalea flower, along with a small gift card. Would you be willing to sponsor a flower for one of our women? To do so, click on the link to Sponsor a Flower for Mother's Day, leave a message so that we know what your donation is for, and know that you have made a difficult day pass a little easier for one of our women. Thankyou.