Since starting in 2007, Azalea has connected with more than 240 women. Azalea is now taking a 360 approach to tackling sexual exploitation by looking at the issue of demand from men and Child Sexual Exploitation. Read on to find out about all these projects...

Encompass means to Surround, Hold and Include.


We aim to surround the women we work with at whatever stage of life they are at, and wherever they are along their faith journey.

We aim to hold:

Faith, when they have none.

Hope, when they have none.

Vision for their future, when they have none.


The Azalea Drop-In is open every Monday and Friday night and Wednesday afternoon.

The Drop-In offers a welcoming, homely environment where women have the chance to step away from the pressures and dangers they regularly experience and find a place of rest. It is well stocked with food, basic supplies and there are regular arts and crafts sessions run by our volunteer team. We run a weekly Alpha group that starts with a home-cooked meal followed by worship and discussion.

In 2018, 60 women regularly accessed Azalea's Drop-in.

The Azalea Outreach consists of our team driving around the streets at night, assertively seeking to engage with women - caring, listening and providing practical support where we can. Sometimes we can stop just long enough to offer a smile and something to eat. At other times we are able to have a much longer chat, or point women to our Drop-in and other local services. 

In 2018, Azalea has connected with 26 women through Outreach.

The Exit and Intervention Team is a practical expression of Azalea’s ministry.

The team offers intensive support during the daytime, seeking to empower women to take practical steps towards changing their lives. This looks like supporting women to have better access to healthcare, housing, and offers other relevant care as necessary.

The team provides emotional and relational support throughout every stage; at Azalea we recognise that it is within a safe and consistent relationship that we are able to take steps towards change.

We partner with a variety of statutory agencies to build a wider support network for the women, so that they can break the cycles of addiction that prevents them from moving forward in their lives.

As part of Azalea’s ‘360’ approach to tackling sexual exploitation, it was recognised that the issue of demand must be addressed. As such a volunteer team called ‘Flint’ was established, and ‘Walk and Talk’ was developed: A programme designed for men whom are sex buyers to help facilitate healthy change in their lives. The ‘Walk and Talk’ programme was created by men and women for men and consists of 5 group sessions that look at themes including: Understanding Addiction, Appreciating the Causes, Restoring a Balanced Sexuality, Dealing with Shame, and Establishing Intimacy.

Azalea is a service provider and a network of dedicated staff and volunteers. But above all these things, Azalea is a gospel ministry. The work of Azalea is only possible because we have a God who transforms lives, whose Spirit is at work in the world, and whose Son gave himself that we might find true life. This gospel informs every aspect of our work and runs like a red thread through all that we do.

Azalea is also a prayer movement. At the start a few people met for six months and prayed, with no outreach, drop-in or partner churches or agencies. It remains rooted in prayer today.

We are looking to transplant the DNA of Azalea Luton into new areas nationally and internationally. We have a number of transplants in the pipeline. If you would love to see Azalea start in your area please contact us.