Our 24-7 Prayer week is from Tuesday June 18 - Friday June 21.

Every year we  make time to pray round the clock for the work of Azalea. Praying to see freedom from sexual exploitation, drugs, and violence; for healing from the past and hope in Christ for the future. We'd love you join us!

You will be able to sign up online for a slot of one hour or more. You will need to login so we can update you on details and remind you about your slot.

Our 24-7 Prayer Room is a beautiful space to relax and hear God. There are many resources to help you focus, worship and pray, as well as to specifically pray for men and women caught in sexual exploitation. We will also send out e-resources for anyone who is praying at home.

We are hosting the event in our 24-7 Prayer Room at 3a Upper George Street so ideally we'd love you to come and pray there. This will only be between the hours of 6am and 11pm. See below for a map. If you are unable to come to the building and intend to pray at home/work, please mark it on your sign-up and email faith.merriweather@azalea.org.uk to let us know.  

Please sign up if you plan to come along and pray - don't turn up unannounced! This is so you can safely access the building. 


For the past few years Azalea has run a 24-7 prayer event. 24-7 is an initiative where you pray for the full 24 hours in a day for a week. It's an incredible time where we get to fully focus on what matters - bringing God into all that Azalea does. As we become more aware of God - who he is and how much he loves us - we see incredible breakthrough and transformation come.

Watch the founder of 24-7 Prayer Pete Greig explain what a 24-7 event is all about.